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Wireless Technology

Whether you are thinking about adding a wireless network to your office or find that you need to support increasingly mobile employees, you may be concerned that supporting wireless and mobile technologies is daunting, expensive, and risky. The good news is that adding or expanding your wireless options can be very simple, the costs very reasonable, and the connection secure. We developed this guide to help dispel the myths associated with wireless, help you understand your wireless and mobility options, and provide you with step-by-step instructions on implementing wireless technology in your business.

What wireless and mobile technologies can do for your business?

Wireless and mobile technologies free your business from the need to use wired cables to connect your company's network and offer your employees the flexibility to work from anywhere they need to: at home, in the field, or even at their favorite coffee shop. When you take wireless and mobile to the next level and deploy solutions like mobile mail and messaging and mobile sales force automation, you will see increased mobility, flexibility, time savings, productivity, responsiveness, and collaboration throughout your business.

WiFi Solutions provide you with a complete set of products and services that offer you smarter, simpler, and safer ways to stay connected. Non-stop connectivity, integrated mobility, and voice and data convergence save you time and trouble as you move about. You get solutions that are easy to buy and easy to own, along with expert support to help you respond faster to the changing business landscape.