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A wireless site survey is a physical survey of your location to identify the best possible locations for the installation of access points ( AP ) to ensure 100% wireless coverage, along with maximum performance, within the desired area.

When considering the use of wireless equipment, it is extremely difficult to predict the propagation of radio waves and detect the presence of interfering signals without the use of specialized test equipment. Even if you are using omni-directional antennas, radio waves do not travel the same distance in all directions. Walls, doors, elevator shafts, people, and other obstacles offer varying degrees of attenuation, which cause the radio frequency (RF) radiation pattern to be irregular and unpredictable. As a result, an RF site survey is absolutely necessary to determine the behavior of radio waves within a facility before installing any wireless devices..

Site Survey Goal

The goal of an RF site survey is to gather enough information and data to determine the number and placement of access points that will provide the coverage required. Coverage required usually means the support of a minimum data rate in a given area. An RF site survey will also detect the presence of radio interference coming from other sources that could degrade the performance of the wireless LAN.Firstly, try to possess a facility plan. Prepare a model of a building. In case, it is not possible, then make a floor plan that includes the exact setting of walls, walkways etc.

Who Need a Site Survey?

You do, if you want complete wireless coverage that is secure!

Endorsed by Intermec, Symbol, Cisco, and Proxim, Funk, Airespace, our highly regarded expertise in wireless networking technology allows us to perform surveys and deploy wifi networks under the most adverse conditions, succeeding where others fail.

The need and complexity of an RF site survey will vary depending on the size of the facility and the work that is to be accomplished. Without a survey, users could end up with inadequate coverage and suffer from low performance in some areas. The purchase of wireless equipment is no small expenditure, so it is best not to leave any portion of the project up to chance.

We custom design every wireless network to control coverage areas to contain radio signal within your premises, helping to prevent unwanted, “drive-by” access to your network. We also recommend appropriate wireless security solutions for your needs, that go beyond the limitations of WEP. Our specialists will give you the WEP encrypted password for your wireless network in a matter of minutes ... if you would like a demonstration. 95% of the time, your WLAN is not secure. Are you willing to take that risk?

Cost Effective WiFi Solutions

We get it right the first time. Our professional service technicians are wireless experts; experience levels average well over 5 years for each wifi specialist.
We identify the most efficient network topology to minimize number of access points needed.
We deliver efficient installations by eliminating guesswork.

We perform wireless Site Surveys for 2.4GHz ( 802.11g ), 2.4GHz Wi-Fi ( 802.11b ) & 5GHz ( 802.11a ), and emerging standards - for a wide range of products from Symbol, Vivato, Proxim Corporation, Cisco, 3Com, Enterasys, Lucent, Intel, Symbol, Spectralink and others.